Bazaar Express Pharaonic Gifts Section in Egypt

Bazaar Express Pharaonic Gifts Section in Egypt, Hurghada, offers handmade Egyptian products crafted by local artisans These souvenir gifts start at $1, showcasing Egyptian culture and heritage

1 **Egyptian God Isis ** Statue representing the goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom

2 **Horus ** Depiction of the falcon-headed god associated with kingship and the sky

3 **Horus with Crown ** Horus statue adorned with a crown symbolizing kingship

4 **3 Pyramids Marble ** Marble sculpture featuring the iconic pyramids of Egypt

5 **3 Pyramids ** Miniature model of the famous Egyptian pyramids

6 **Pyramids Engraved Onyx ** Onyx stone engraved with the image of three pyramids

7 **Pyramids Engraved ** Engraved depiction of the pyramids on a decorative item

8 **Cloisonne Vase ** Decorative vase featuring intricate cloisonné enamel work

9 **Cleopatra** Sculpture representing one of Cleopatra's attendants

10 **Egyptian Anubis ** Statue depicting the ancient Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife

11 **Egyptian Cat ** Statue representing the revered feline in ancient Egyptian culture

12 **Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet ** Statue depicting the goddess of home, fertility, and childbirth in the form of a cat

13 **Handmade Wall Sculpture ** Artistic wall decoration crafted by hand

14 **King Tut On Raft ** Sculpture featuring King Tutankhamun on a ceremonial raft

15 **King Tutankhamun ** Statue depicting the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun

16 **Onyx Vase ** Vase made of onyx stone, known for its striking appearance

17 **Scarab Basalt ** Basalt stone carved into the shape of a scarab beetle, symbolizing rebirth

18 **Onyx Polished Sphere ** Smooth, polished onyx stone sphere

19 **Stone Eggs Onyx ** Onyx stone carved into egg shapes for decorative purposes

20 **Scarab Onyx ** Onyx scarab beetle sculpture symbolizing protection and good luck

21 **Jewelry Marmar Box ** Marble jewelry box for storing precious items

22 **Magnet ** Magnet featuring Egyptian motifs

23 **Ashtray Marmar ** Marble ashtray adorned with decorative patterns

24 **Egyptian Pyramid ** Miniature replica of the Egyptian pyramids

25 **Sphinx Candlestick ** Candlestick holder shaped like the Sphinx

26 **Queen Nefertiti ** Statue depicting the famous queen of ancient Egypt

27 **The Ancient Egyptian Writer ** Sculpture representing a scribe or writer from ancient Egypt

28 **Copper Bells ** Traditional copper bells with Egyptian designs

29 **Copper Key of Life ** Copper key symbolizing the ancient Egyptian concept of the key to eternal life

30 **Copper Pharaoh Dish ** Copper dish featuring the image of a pharaoh

31 **Unique Lamp Onyx ** Onyx stone lamp with a unique design

32 **Unique Set for Drinks Onyx ** Onyx stone drinkware set with distinctive patterns

33 **Egyptian Goddess Bast ** Statue representing the goddess Bast, often depicted as a lioness

34 **Scarab Oval ** Oval-shaped scarab beetle sculpture

35 **Unique Tutankhamun ** Unique depiction of King Tutankhamun

36 **Pestle and Mortar ** Traditional kitchen tools for grinding spices and herbs

37 **Marble Soap Dish ** Dish for holding soap, made of marble

38 **Pyramid Candle Holder ** Candle holder shaped like a pyramid

39 **Egyptian Alabaster Candle ** Candle made of Egyptian alabaster stone

Visit our website and enjoy free shipping within Egypt, specifically in the city of Hurghada International shipping is also available for a fee Experience the beauty and craftsmanship of our handmade Egyptian souvenirs, starting at just $1 Shop now at Bazaar Express and bring a piece of Egypt's rich culture and history into your home

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